.... It seems there is not a single emotion that couldn't be conveyed by this fiery temperamental virtuoso, stunning the audience with his technical arsenal.
- newspaper "Lietuvos rytas", "Respublika"
.... Everyone was conjured by the honest communication of artist Gleb Pyšniak; and witnessed Yo-Yo Ma telling him: "Excellent! Charming! Unique!"
- newspaper "Lietuvos rytas"


On the 17th of May 2014, Classical:NEXT festival

During the performance of Gabriel Prokofiev works in "Nonclassical Night" concert in Porgy & Bess Jazz Club in Vienna, Austria.

On the 9th of April 2014 in Vienna Musikverein


Dalia Dedinskaite, violin

Gleb Pyšniak, violoncello

Program: Z.Kodály Duo op. 7, M. Ravel Sonata for violin and violoncello and specially composed for the event and dedicated to Dalia Dedinskaite and Gleb Pyšniak “Duettissimo” by V. Barkauskas. http://www.musikverein.at/konzerte/konzertprogramm.php?idx=149001

On the 14th of March 2014 at 15:00

Workshop with Ivry Gitlis

University of Music and performing Arts, Vienna, Austria

Program: Z.Kodály Duo op. 7
with Dalia Dedinskaite (violin)

"Vilos Trio" was invited to perform during the closing concert of the III Chamber Music Festival “Fundación MonteLeón” on the 13th of December in the Auditorium “Ciudad de León”, León, Spain.
"Vilos Trio":
Dalia Dedinskaite, violin
Gleb Pyšniak, cello
Ole Christian Haagenrud, piano
Program: A. Šenderovas, Z. Kodály, J. Brahms, A. Piazzolla

"Zoltán Kodály Award"

During the 22nd International Summer Festival "ISA Prague-Vienna-Budapest" Gleb Pyšniak together with violinist Dalia Dedinskaite received the special prize for an outsanding performance of Zoltán Kodály Duo for violin and cello op. 7

On the 12th and 13th of May duo concerts with Dalia Dedinskaite (violin) in Bloemendal and Schouwburg Almere, The Netherlands.
In the program: Z. Kodaly, A. Senderovas, G.F. Handel- J. Halvorsen and others.
For more information, please visit "Concerts".

Concert series with Dalia Dedinskaite (violin) and Ole Christian Haagenrud in the 16th festival "Grieg in Bergen" in Norway in July 2012! For more information, please visit "Concerts".

Gleb Pyšniak is a holder of ''Thomastik-Infeld'' scholarship for international masterclasses '' Wiener MusikSeminar''.

Concert tour together with Dalia Dedinskaite (violin) and Ole Christian Haagenrud in the Netherlands in August 2011. For more information, please visit "Concerts".


"Standing ovations to Lithuanians given at the Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam"

"...In February, the young Lithuanian musicians, cellist Gleb Pysniak and pianist Darius Mazintas has impressed the "old-stager" publics of Dutch and Slovak Republics.
The Dutch agency "Holland music sessions" that has organized a concert tour for musicians was pleased to acknowledge the excitement of the audience, which did not want to let the duo off the stage. In 2009, the same agency invited musicians to the festival in Holland and after Mr. Pysniak and Mr. Mazintas performance receiving great feedback were repeatedly invited to hold a concert tour in the prestigious European venues, such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Slovak Philharmonic Hall and Odeon Theatre in Zwolle..."